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Bhanu Gupta:

Bhanu Gupta

Bhanu Gupta (Bengali: ভানু গুপ্ত, born 1932) was part of the group of musicians who brought RD Burman’s timeless compositions to life, who borned in Rengun, Burma and learned playing Mouth Organ from British Sailors. Gupta started his career as Japanese interpretor and then he moved to Kolkata in 1950 and played Cricket also in Calcutta League.

Claim to Fame:

For almost 30 years, Gupta was part of the group of musicians who brought RD Burman’s timeless compositions to life.

Musical Career:

His association with Burman started in 1965 and continued up to the composer’s death in 1994.

Post 1994, he has played for Anu Malik, Nadeem Shravan and Bappi Lahiri, among others.

Ballygunge to Bombay:

The man from Ballygunge Place learnt to play harmonica himself. “There was little scope for music in Calcutta and so he left his job in a private firm and much against the wishes of his family, went to Mumbai in 1959”.

He started by playing for Bipin Dutta and later played for Madan Mohan and Salil Chowdhury. “While recording for Chowdhury, Gupta chanced upon a guitar in his studio. He bought a guidebook and started practising the instrument for hours. Madan Mohan picked him to play for him in 1963. Around that time, Burman needed a guitarist for a couple of songs. Bhanu Gupta was called in but not as a sitting member.

Home at Last:

Gupta returned to the city in January 2008 year because he wants to do something for his “own people”. Born and brought up in Burma, he had first come to the city at 18 and stayed for nine years before shifting to Mumbai.

“The Mumbai music world is great but even after all these years Gupta could not adapt to the culture there. So he came back and wish to stay at kolkata. He also teaches guitar at his Moore Avenue home at kolkata.