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Dinen Gupta:

Dinen Gupta

Dinen Gupta (Bengali: দীনেন গুপ্ত), (born 1932) - a successful Cinematographer, born in Kolkata, Bengal Presidency, British India. Gupta was a member of the 50s generation of Calcutta cineastes, influenced by the IPTA, the Calcutta Film Society (Est: 1941) and Italian neorealism (screened in India at the International Film Festival in 1952).

Family :

His wife Kajal Gupta was a Bengali film actress, known for known for Basanata Bilap (1973), Sansarer Itikatha (1983) and Indira (1983). Their daughter Sonali Gupta is an actress, known for Sanai (1977), Priyatama (1980) and Ek Je Chhilo Desh (1977).

Career and Filmography:

Dinen Gupta started as assistant to cameraman Ramananda Sengupta: shot some of Ghatak’s early films (e.g. Ajantrik, 1957; Bari Theke Paliye, 1959), ​Tarafdar’s Ganga (1960) and Harisadhan Dasgupta’s work. Directorial début with Natun Pata locates him, somewhat belatedly, in the post - Pather Panchali (1955) tradition of rustic lyricism. Pratham Pratisruti was based on Ashapurna Devi’s famous novel. Ajker Nayak belonged to the ‘lumpen rebel’ genre that emerged in 70s Bengali cinema after the Naxalite uprising. Later made some comic melodramas (e.g. Basanta Bilap, Raag Anuraag, etc.). Shoots his own films as well as those of other film-makers

Assistant Cinematographer: