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Jishu Dasgupta:

Jishu Dasgupta

Jishu Dasgupta (Bengali : যীশু দাসগুপ্ত) was an Indian Bengali television director and actor. After suffering from cancer for nine months, he died on 21 December 2012 in a hospital in Kolkata.

Jishu was born on September 3, 1956 in Jessore, Khulna, The Then East Pakistan now Bangladesh and died on December 21, 2012 (aged 56) in
Kolkata, West Bengal, India


Dasgupta worked as Director, Cinematographer, Producer & Actor for several television programs.



* "Bhorer Khub kache"

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    • "Ekon Shakal"
    • Chuni-Panna
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    • Manush
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    • Nana Ranger Din
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