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Meghla Dasgupta:

Meghla Dasgupta

Meghla Dasgupta (Bengali: মেঘলা দাশগুপ্ত) (born November 15, 1995) is a bengali film actress.

Education and Family:

Meghla is the 4th generation celebrity of Dasgupta family. She is the elder daughter of Birsa Dasgupta and Bidipta Dasgupta (Chakraborty). Her younger sister is Idara Dasgupta. Raja Dasgupta is Meghla's grandfather and her grandmother is Chaitali Dasgupta, who are the proud son and daughter in law of Harisadhan Dasgupta and Sonali (Senroy) Dasgupta. Ribhu Dasgupta is her uncle. Meghla is doing her education from Lady Queen and The Future Foundation School, Kolkata.


Her first bengali movie was Load Shedding (released on 13 Dec 2015), is a Exclusive Puja Bengali film and its directed by one and only best Talented Bengali director Soukarya Ghosal with Riddhi Sen, Bidipta Chakraborty, Aporajita Ghosh, Joydeep Kundu and others. Her another movie is Ekta Anchiler Golpo (একটা আঁচিলের গল্প) with co actor Riddhi Sen .