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Raja Dasgupta:

Raja Dasgupta

Raja Dasgupta (Bengali: রাজা দাশগুপ্ত) was born in 1951, is a documentary director. Also made several 30’ films for USIS, the Ford Foundation, UNESCO etc. 1956-60 as well as for Hindustan Motors (1968).

Early Life and Education:

Raja, son of late Harisadhan Dasgupta, passed the Senior Cambridge Examination from Kolkata Boys’ School, in 1970, and graduated from Delhi University, with Honours in Economics, in 1974.

His debut documentary film A Song for his son Birsa Dasgupta (35mm; B&W) won the Bengal Film Journalists’ Association Award for Best Documentary in 1979 and was screened at Mannheim Film Festival, Germany, in 1980. Raja is a member of Steering Committee of International Film Festivals of India and member of Executive Council & General Body of Children’s Film Society of India.

Raja is married (04th February 1979) to the well known Bengali actress Chaitali Dasgupta and their elder son Birsa Dasgupta is a young and upcoming Bengali film maker. Their younger son, Ribhu Dasgupta is also getting to shoot his first feature film, "Michael". Sonali Dasgupta (Senroy), screenwriter, was his mother. Meghla Dasgupta is his granddaughter and also a bengali film actress.

Job Experience:

  • Film Executive with Hindustan Thompson Associates, Kolkata (1978-82)
  • Manager, Film & Video, with Response India Limited, Kolkata (1984-85)


  • Worked as Cameraman and Associate Director to his late father Harisadhan Dasgupta from 1976 to 1982 on all his documentaries (35mm)
  • Directed Tagore’s Dream : Our Dream (1988) for National Network, Doordarshan
  • Produced and Directed Masnad-e-Bangal (1991) for Victoria Memorial Hall
  • Produced and Directed The Wonder that is Sikkim (1993) for Indian Museum and International Council of Museums

Television Serials:

  • Directed 2 episodes of the Doordarshan National Network serial "Stri" (1987). Produced by Sridhar Ksirsagar (Bombay).
  • Directed some episodes of short story serials Samparka (1986), Raag Anuraag (1987) and Kono Ek Gayer Bodhu (1988 & 1992) for Kolkata Doordarshan.
  • Produced and Directed A Day in the Life of a Celebrity (1988) for Kolkata Doordarshan.
  • Produced and Directed Manusher Mukh (1988) for Kolkata Doordarshan.
  • Directed Funny Folk (1990) for Morning Transmission of Doordarshan National Network.
  • Directed Kaalpurush (1990) for Kolkata Doordarshan, for which he won the Aajkaal Television Award for Best Director. (Picture left - Ribhu Dasgupta, picture curtsey Telegraph, 1 August 2009)
  • Directed Ladies’ Hostel (1991) for Kolkata Doordarshan.
  • Produced and Directed Sondamati Nonajal (1992) for Kolkata Doordarshan.
  • Directed Goopir Gupta Khata (1994) for Kolkata Doordarshan.
  • Produced and Directed Chokh (1995) for Kolkata Doordarshan.
  • Directed Ekushe Pa (1995) for Zee Bangla.
  • Directed Podipishir Bormibaksho (1996) for Kolkata Doordarshan.
  • Directed Jungle ki Gehrai Mein (1997) for Doordarshan National Network.
  • Produced and Directed Swapnoneel (2000) for Alpha Bangla.
  • Produced and Directed Tarakar Ekdin (2000) for ETV Bangla.
  • Produced and Directed Mainak Upakhyan (2001) for ETV Bangla.
  • Directed 4 Tagore stories in Galpoguchchho (2001-2003) for ETV Bangla.
  • Directed 11 music videos of Geetanjali Series (2007) for Doordarshan National Network.


  • Produced & Directed Mukhguli (45 min) for Kolkata Doordarshan (1993).
  • Directed Asatyakam (90 min) for National Network, Doordarshan (1995).
  • Directed Srot (90 min) for Akash Bangla (2001).
  • Directed Doka (100 min) for ETV Bangla (2002).
  • Directed Moho (100 min) for ETV Bangla (2002).
  • Directed Anya Nakshi (100 min) for ETV Bangla (2002).
  • Directed Valentine’s Day (100 min) for ETV Bangla (2003).
  • Directed Rangbadal (90 min) for Alpha Bangla (2003).
  • Directed Tiktiki (152 min) for Tara Bangla (2003). It had Soumitra Chatterjee, the doyen of Bangla Film Industry.
  • Directed Rastata Jekhane Shesh (90 min) for Alpha Bangla (2003).
  • Directed Impro (85 min) for Tara Bangla (2004).
  • Directed Saswati (85 min) for Tara Bangla (2005).
  • Directed Bus Stop-e Teen Minute (45 min) for Akash Bangla (2008).
  • Directed Utshober Din (75 min) for Tara Bangla (2008).

Cinema / Television Commercials & Corporate Films:

  • For ITC, HMV, CESC, Ramtech Industries, Bharat Biscuits, DPS Software, Sunrise Spices, Dhunseri Tea, Hindustan National Glass and Hutch.
  • Star Cigarettes and Maya Contraceptive Pills for Bitopi Advertising in Bangladesh (1984).
  • Asian Paints Shiromani Purashkar Videos (1993-1997).