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RamanandaSengupta(Bengali: রামানন্দ সেনগুপ্ত, Born 8 May 1916) is India's oldest living cinematographer. He was born in Dhaka in 1916.


Sengupta stood behind the lens in more than 70 films. His work in cinematography began in 1938 when he joined as an apprentice at the Aurora Film Corporation in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta). He worked with G K Mehta, as first assistant on the film Kurukshetra in 1941. Sengupta’s first independent work was Purbaraag directed by Ardhendu Mukherjee. He had worked with French director Jean Renoir when he came to Kolkata to shoot The River.

In 1997 Utsav Mukherjee prepared a documentary 'Under Exposed' about Ramananda Sengupta. Siddhartha Maity is writing a book on the only Indian cinematographer to have worked with Jean Renoir, Ritwik Ghatak and Mrinal Sen. He is also making a documentary on Sengupta titled, Alor Frame e Chhayar Saaj (Framing Light Against the Shadows).


  • Dakghar (Bengali)
  • Bindur Chhele (Bengali)
  • Kankabatir Ghat (Bengali)
  • Personal Assistant (Bengali)
  • Bandhu (Bengali)
  • Hangsamithun by Partha Pratim Bandopadhyay
  • Dakharkara (Bengali)
  • Nagarik (1977, Bengali)
  • Teen Bhubaner Pare (1969, Bengali)
  • Nishithe (1961, Bengali)
  • Sri Lokanath (1960, Oriya)
  • Headmaster (1959, Bengali)
  • Shilpi (1956, Bengali)
  • Raat Bhore, (1955, the first film by Mrinal Sen)
  • Ghoom Bhangar Gaan by Utpal Dutta
  • The River, 1951
  • Purbaatra, 1947
  • Purbaraag, 1946 (Bengali)


  • Modern and Ancient Architecture of India
  • Religion
  • Autobiography of an Elephant
  • Life in the Backwater of Malabar Cochin.


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