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Nirendra Nath Dasgupta:

Manoranjan Sengupta

Nirendranath Dasgupta (Bengali: নীরেন্দ্র নাথ দাশগুপ্ত) was born (1896) in Faridpur, Bangladesh (East Bengal). His fathers name is Lalit Mohan Dasgupta. He was a member of the Revolutionary Party. Dasgupta arrested alongwith Monoranjan Sengupta for complicity in the Faridpur Conspiracy Case of 1913 and released after serving jail sentence. Shot and killed Nirode Haldar, a C.I.D. officer, at Calcutta in 1915. Participated in the revolutionary plan to unload arms and ammunition from the German ship Maverick on the Orissa coast. Wounded and arrested in teh encounter with the armed police at Kaptipoda of Balasore, Orissa, on September 9, 1915. Tried and sentenced to death. Died on the gallows in the Balasore Jail on October 1915.