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Raja Raj Ballabh Sen :

Raja Raj Ballabh Sen

Raja Raj Ballabh Sen (Bengali: রাজা রাজবল্লভ সেন) wasThe most prominent President of Raja Nagar on the south bank of the Padma River. He was not only the undisputed leader of the Baidya community but a great Indian whose name will always find a place in history. He was appointed collector general of the province of Dacca and given the title of Raja by the Nawab of Murshidabad. Shah Alam, the Mughal Emperor of Delhi, made him a maharaja with the title Rai Raiyan Salar Jung Bahadur and presented him with a sword of honour.

He played an important role in political history and court intrigues during a chequered period. When Mir Jaffar succeeded Siraj-ud-daula with the help of the British, he made Raj Ballav his minister. He tried to get rid of the British but Mir Qasim's men drowned him and his son, Krishnadas Sena, in the Ganga when he was the Subedar of Monghyr.