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Procheta Gupta:

Procheta Gupta

Pracheta Gupta (alternative spelling Procheto Gupta or Prachet Gupta or Procheta Gupta; Bengali: প্রচেত গুপ্ত, porocheto gupto) born 14 October 1962) is a Bengali writer and journalist. In 2007, his work Chander Bari has been adapted into a Bengali film by director Tarun Majumdar. In 2011, director Sekhar Das made film on Gupta's story Chor-er bou ("Wife of a thief"), the film was named Necklace. One of the front runners in contemporary Begali literature, few of his stories have been translated into Hindi, Oriya and Marathi language. He is a key writer of the magazine Unish-Kuri, Sananda, Desh.

Early Life:

Gupta spent his childhood in Bangur Avenue and studied in Bangur Boys school. He started writing from his childhood. His first story was published in Anandamela when he was only 12 years old. Later his literary works were published in many more magazines. He completed his graduation from Scottish Church College, Kolkata.

Literary Works:

Gupta's first novel Aamar ja achhe was published in 2004 in Anandalok magazine. His first children's novel Laal rong-er churi was published in the same year in Anandamela.


  • Aamar Ja Achhe (Dey's Publishing-2004)
  • Aschorjo Pukur(Mitra O Ghosh-2007)
  • Deri Hoye Gechhe(Patra Bharati-2010)
  • Dekha Habe (Deep Prakasan-2015)
  • Jhildangar Konya(Mitra O Ghosh-2009)
  • Jole Aanka(Mita O Ghosh-2005)
  • Jabajjiban(Patra Bharati-2011)
  • Kothao Noy(Dey's Publishing-2009)
  • Kanchangorer Kokil Sir(Ananda Publishers-2009)
  • Kalyanpurer Kando (Ananda Publishers-2012)
  • Nil Alor Phul(Ananda Publishers-2005)
  • Priyo Bandhabike(Deep Prakashan-2007)
  • Ponchashti Golpo (Ananda Publishers-2010)
  • Pracheta Guptar Galpo(Mitra O Ghosh-2011)
  • Rajkanya(Dey's Publishing-2010)
  • Ranipurer Kapurush (Ananda Publishers)
  • Rupor Khacha(Ananda Publishers-2008)
  • Shunyo Kham(Patra Bharati-2010)
  • Shit Khub Dure Noy(Ananda Publishers-2010)
  • Teen Number Chithi(Dey's Publishing-2009)
  • Operation Singhaduar(Ananda Publishers-2013)
  • Jadabbabu Mithya Bolen Na(Ananda Publishers-2013)
  • Chupi Chupi Bolchhi (Mitra O Ghosh-2015)
  • Chand Pore Achhe (Patra Bharati-(2013)
  • Chhade Keu Haatey (Ananda Publishers-2015)
  • Ek Je Chhilo Sagar (Mitra O Ghosh) (2014)
  • Shey Irabati (Abhijaan Publishers-2014)
  • Shahid Bhupati Sen Colony (Ananda Publishers-2015)
  • Raate Porben Na (Mitra O Ghosh) 2014
Films based on his works