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Promod Dasgupta:

Promod Dasgupta

Pramod Dasgupta (Bengali: প্রমোদ দাশগুপ্ত), born in a middle class family in Faridpur (Bangladesh) on July 13th 1910. His father Mothilal Dasgupta was a government doctor. Pannalal Dasgupta was his cousin brother.

Life and Career:

It was during his study years in Calcutta he came into contact with the revolutionary movement. In 1931 he was arrested for joining the national struggle. He was kept under the custody without any trail for 6 years. During his jail life he came into contact with the revolutionary leaders of the state and went through the Marxian literature. After his release in 193, Dasgupta came into contact with Comrade Muzaffer Ahamed, one of the founders of the communist movement in India and on May 1st 1938 he became a party member. In 1940 he became the Kolkotta district secretary of the part. In 1942 he was arrested and was released in 1942. After hat he took the responsibility of party publishing house. He played a pivotal role in bringing the cadres under the banner of CPIM during the inner party struggles of 1964 and 1968. He was one of the founding Polit Bureau members of the CPIM.

He was also considered as the architect of the Left Front movement in West Bengal. He died on 1982 November.